10 hot trends in website development 2019

Everything is changing in the world. Web development is not the exception. There are a lot of novelties that appeared at the end of 2018 and continue to be implemented this year. 2019 could be meant as the year of new achievements and hot topics in the web development sector. Let’s take a look at the key points that have already become the real trends.

First and the most important concept to focus attention on – blockchain. New products take all the advantages of the cutting-edge technology and meet all the users’ demands. The transactions become safer and faster – many netizens are searching for right these capabilities. Below list of other 9 trends will be shown – only the hot topics for you to take into account.

Bead-roll of web development trends

  • Besides the blockchain concept, there is one more aspect to pay attention for – smart contracts development. This is the huge step towards the autonomously. All digital products will provide users with the exceptional offers due to the smart contracts executed.
  • One more trend that received the high popularity among mobile APPS developers – AMP pages. Accelerated mobile pages will reduce the page load terms to 85 %. It is expected that AMP pages will become not just the e-commerce site tool but the widespread way of the faster page rendering.
  • The hot topic in the web development society is SEO readiness. New SEO tools will give the opportunity to improve new web products with the SEO-ready concept that will be suitable for most of site owners in order to run the efficient marketing campaign from the very beginning.
  • It is worth noticing that one more hot topic is the GDPR acceptance. Global data protection regulation will make the web products safer. Personal data will be protected in full scope if the GDPR compliance will become the real mainstream among webmasters worldwide.
  • One more trend of 2019 is single page application. JavaScript experts name this hot topic one of the main orientation line for webmasters. It is expected that react js products will be the most demandable ones if their concept will be single-page one.
  • Era of the total digitalization and robotization is impossible without chatbots integration. It is one more trend to focus attention on. As the result, more artificial intelligence-based projects will appear in 2019.
  • It should be mentioned that the rather serious orientation is paid to the downtime terms. 2019 is the year of new solutions in order to provide netizens with the web services round the clock. Run time web applications – new trend for sure.
  • And one more thing should be highlighted – this is progressive web APPs. They are absolutely friendly to any devices and fully multifunctional ones. In spite of new products ideas, PWA versions will be popular in 2019.

For the finale, there are a little bit fantastic news: Volkswagen developers are sure that augmented data analytics will turn into reality soon. That is why we are waiting for 3D augmented data analytics in web development sphere and, as a result, new spiral of progress right this year!