12 ideas that will make your web design the freshest and the most attractive one

In order to satisfy the clients, it is necessary to pay attention to the digital product design. There some interesting ideas to take into account – some fresh decisions will breathe life into your online project. Here is the hot bead-roll with the trendy ideas for your design.

Some solutions will be helpful both for the starting stage of the web design development and for the renovations. Take a look at twelve ideas and select suitable ones for your site.

Hot 12 – what design solutions to choose?

  1. The interactive elements will help to make the web design a really fresh one. Change your typical old menu on the extraordinary elements and informative animations. There are plenty of variants how to realize the concept of the interactive design.
  2. The part of interactive elements – animation. Do not forget about it and use in design. Animation is able to place the emphasis on all your key points.
  3. Think about original illustrations – only special pictures that highlight your brand and style of your website could bring the best results. It makes your product recognizable among netizens for sure.
  4. Pay attention to the products photography. People want to know about your production more – the bright photos of your exceptional goods will be suitable for this. Your honesty will be noticed and the attractive pictures of the products will increase the number of our customers.
  5. Do not forget about minimalistic style. Website visitors will be waiting for more and, as a result, will stay at your site for a longer time. Use the picturesque landscape with the minimum content performed. Let it be a company name and a moto or just a service you would like to offer.
  6. If the minimalistic style is not optimal for your business and you need some bright-colored design, do it! Forget about basic color scheme and create your own palette for better design.
  7. If you want to use on the landing page a video, make it silent. Not all users will be interested in the loud-speaking promo reel you want to show. Think about silent video that is able to highlight your singularity. May be it will be the demonstration of some manufacturing process or some beautiful animation with your production.
  8. Think about users’ comfort and try to make website not only attractive but convenient too. One of the efficient tool that will cope with the both tasks (comfort + well-done design) is Parallax scrolling.
  9. Navigation equals to consumers’ adventure. This rule will help you to create the really exceptional design. Work out all procedures to make an exciting story instead of the boring navigation.
  10. What about gamification? Think through the opportunity for your visitors to gain points for each action on the website and provide the most active ones with the discount. You will see that there are many hot-tempered netizens interested in this option.
  11. The era of the virtual reality is impossible without virtual tour on the website. Show in details some processes or office rooms, your company, team, products manufacturing. People want to see everything for themselves – give the opportunity to do this.
  12. Let your design and content to harmonize. Always pay attention to the text on your website. Everything should attract the visitors but not puzzle them with mismatch of pictures and content.

Everybody knows a statement: “The first impression is the most lasting”. It is relating to the web design too. If the site is attractive for consumers, they will continue their search, will use all the website tools and finally will buy some offered products online.