Blockchain wallets – all types detailed review

Many netizens consider each modern digital wallet as the blockchain-based one. But it is wrong to name e-wallets so because not all concepts were realized with cutting-edge blockchain technology. It is necessary to mention all blockchain wallets types that are available now for users worldwide.

Previously, it should be said that the main advantage of blockchain-based wallets is the high security level. Additionally, there is a fast transactions speed. So users are able to run different operations without risks of scams and stay satisfied with the terms of their transactions execution.

Blockchain wallets types – review of all possible variants

One of the most popular and widespread blockchain-based wallet is online one. The concept is related to the cloud – the access is possible within the internet connection. Many consumers consider such variant rather convenient and practical one at the same time. But the disadvantage of the online blockchain wallets resides in the low security level in comparison with other available variants. So people who are interested in the safest operations and worry about their funds usually count on the programming blockchain-based wallets.

All blockchain programming wallets should be downloaded on any gadget. It gives the opportunity to divide the programming blockchain wallets into two groups:

  1. Mobile (or pocket screen ones) – the phone applications are safe and provide all users with fast transactions. Mobile variants are not free from shortcomings – the main negative side concerns the lost wallet assets in case of the mobile phone, tablet or any device breakage.
  2. Desktop wallets – the optimal variant for comfort lovers and active PC users. These e-wallets are suitable for laptops too. There are available both applications and web versions to use. The only negative side is related the computers infections. In case of some PC virus or hacking operations, all external damages have the direct impact on the security of the wallet and as the result – the safeguard of all assets.

One more interesting variant that is considered as the premium one is the hardware wallet. Hardware digital wallets come fitted with the private keys that makes this offer as the safest way to keep the funds. The blockchain-based hardware wallets provide all clients with online operations. When user does not need any transactions to execute, the system stays offline that increases the security level. A unique disadvantage of all hardware versions is the high price.

The way of the modern technology provides society with new efficient financial tools that should be taken into account. All blockchain wallets are the best variant among paper and digital ones. The optimal wallet should be selected according to the consumers’ demands only.