Everything about applications for efficient time-management

We live in the world where every minute is a golden one. The active lifestyle needs efficient time-management. There is a big variety of applications which are able to help with planning your day. It is necessary to pay attention for the details in order to choose the optimal one.

Each of us has own requirements to the time-management tool. Somebody still prefers to make notes in his diary and does not forget anything. But the big quantity of modern people selects digital products to increase their everyday productivity. Here are some tips for choosing the optimal time-management application.

Come up with your needs

All present day applications provide users with many options to count on. That is why take a look at the basic features that will be helpful for every day time planning. One of the most popular features is time tracking. It is rational to note how much time do you regularly spend for any task completing. Pay attention for this option. Other aspects of the multifunctional time-management APP:

  • Manual time tracking (with help of adding notes to timesheet);
  • Time entries edition;
  • Project creation with capability to manage some team (give the tasks to the members of the group, etc.);
  • Tags adding (in order to specify which tasks are done);
  • Availability of hour rates;
  • Extra possibility to export your time table with tasks completed into printable form (PDF/Excel/etc.).

These are general options that are suitable for efficient planning. But there are additional features that could be rather helpful for your time-management. These extra capabilities are accessible not in all applications, so focus your attention on the features of your interest and do not forget about your additional key points during your ideal APP search.

Extra time-management application options

Maybe you need the audit option with available time entries streamline. This is the helpful feature for sure. Other three options will also come in useful for busy people – here they are:

  • Reports customization;
  • Self-hosted application (for those who want high-level privacy and data security);
  • Advanced payments management – payrolls and invoices are included.

Among the top-rating time-management digital products are Toggl, Workflow, Shift. These applications are a real example of the multifunctional day-planning tool. Among extra functions the leading APPs provide are:

  1. Toggle provides users with the opportunity to make daily, weekly, monthly reviews for correct conclusions to be done.
  2. Workflow offers efficient tasks sorting – client can see all items that could be completed with help of the pocket screen (on his way home, during the coffee break, etc.).
  3. Shift provides top-managers with the total distant control over all executors.

Nevertheless, tastes differ – that is why some netizens aspire to find the simplest variant for everyday use, other ones – are searching for the most cutting-edge tools. Follow our recommendations and choose your optimal time-managing APP.