Mixed reality games – what are they? Could MR digital products become more popular than virtual reality applications?

One of the most interesting way to entertain is considered the innovative technology of the mixed reality. The modern developers are trying to create new digital product with MR implementation to gain the composite view with help of computer-generated pictures. The experts name mixed reality games as the future mainstream but for now, there are not so may successful examples to pay attention for.

The MR technology is just developing and the augmented reality becomes available to the gamers worldwide in terms of the novelties on the digital market. The virtual objects appear in the real world with help of different mediums as:

  • Smartphones;
  • Tablets;
  • Headsets;
  • Other systems.

While some specialists are trying to prove that mixed reality soon will run the world, other experts discuss the negative sides of MG games. The augmented reality applications are not free from shortcomings for sure.

PROS & CONS of the games with the mixed reality

The main advantage of the augmented reality applications is its extraordinary concept. It is not a typical game that all users play at home or on their way home on their pocket screens. Remember just the shocking popularity of the PokemonGo game that was played by millions of people. It was an interesting version of the exciting arcade with the virtual objects appeared in the real world.

Among other similar examples are Clandestine: Anomaly, PulzAR and many others. But the entertainment digital products could be harmful for users and it is the big disadvantage. Both virtual reality games and augmented reality ones erase the boundaries of the real world and add new figures in terms of the composite view. People with the unstable psychics are able to transfer unreal world into the real one.

Additionally, there is a risk to be hurt because all the concentration is devoted to the gaming process. As a result, the MR gamer does not pay attention for the traffic and other aspects of the routine life. But the virtual reality and mixed one become more and more popular that means – these types of games are demandable.

Other MR reality applications

The modern developers prefer to implement augmented reality into the everyday application. This idea is more rational because these digital products become more informative due to the cutting-edge technology. Today there are interesting versions of the furniture MR reality modeling right in your house before the purchase or the navigators with the augmented reality features.

It is too early to speak about any conclusions relating to the mixed reality games. The young generation is ready to taste these novelties for sure. But will theses digital products as much popular as the virtual reality ones, that remains to be seen.